Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deadline looming

Today I have been working on a couple of paintings to enter into a competition being held at a local gallery. I haven't given myself much time, in fact just 2 days, and out of those 2 days I have to do other things like; cook dinner, washing, get hair cut, grocery shopping, the boring mundane things that take up my time. So in actual fact I probably have about 4 hours.

So with that in mind I'm going to enter 2 images, this is the first that I am still working on..

My studio: The kitchen floor

I thought I would add a beret for this photo just to show how cliche I can be. You know, artist working away, living off of coffee and chocolate...I feel a little sick.

Dress: Black shirt dress previously listed
Apron: Made myself


  1. aww shes wicked would be a great character in a girls book. Good luck Dee ;-)

  2. hehe looks and sounds like a girl I could get on with. I am sitting here with yet another cup of coffee just now and once upon a time I butchered my fringe too :D

    re. picture sizes on blogger:
    When you add a picture to your post via the "add picture" icon in the "Compose" tab blogger automatically resizes the image.

    To get around this, upload your photos elsewhere (e.g. photobucket or flickr)

    Once you have uploaded the image copy the URL it is saved under (on a Windows machine just right click the image and select "Copy Image Location" from the drop down)

    Then when you are drafting your post click into the "Edit HTML" tab rather than adding the image via the add image button.
    type the following:

    There are other attributes you can specify for the image (e.g. height and width and a text that will appear while the image loads in or on mouse over) but the basic tag above will make the image appear in the size you uploaded it.

    Once you have inserted this tag and inserted the image URL between the quotes you can return to the "Compose" tab and you should already see the image.

    Give me a shout if you come across any trouble :)

  3. Oh and if you do want your picture to have a border around it (just saw yours do so DOH! the tag I quoted will remove those) use this tag instead:
    <img src="IMAGE URL HERE">

    Happy weekend!

  4. Wow thank you so much for the info, I will sit down this week and play around with this. I do have a tendency to accidently delete things in HTML and then scream at the computer, no coffee just a cup of hot water to calm the nerves. ^U^