Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bad hair day

I am trying not to wash my hair everyday, I have become a little obsessive about it but it really isn't good for my hair as I blow-dry it and straighten it and really it takes too long. But on the odd days I don't wash my hair I feel pretty yucky; it doesn't do what I want it to do and goes a little boofy.

But when I put this dress on I feel a little better. I bought it from Cassie's Attic Ebay shop and did a few alterations, nothing major, just changed the buttons from tan to blue and on the pockets added some lovely buttons I got as a gift.

Now the day doesn't look so bad, and hey! The sun is shining and Little Miss A goes to playgroup this afternoon so I'm going to be sewing that dress I mentioned.

Dress: Cassie's Attic (label: Altogether)
Buttons: Liberty
Shoes: Kmart


  1. Such a lovely dress :) You look great. I declare shenanigans, because your hair looks fine! :D

  2. Aaaahh thank you, shenanigans it is then!!!