Thursday, November 18, 2010

An empty house

Today is the first day my Little Miss A has gone into full day daycare. I was excited after I dropped her off as she was so happy to see all the toys and other children and said 'Bye, bye mummy' I thought wow that was easy (I was a little teary this morning), what shall I do with my day? I almost became catatonic with the prospect of doing anything I wanted.

But I took it easy and went to a cafe, had a coffee and a Nutella croissant, bought The Gentlewoman magazine and sat for as long as I could on my own. Then home to start work on a job application.

It is cold again today so I dug out from the bottom of my wardrobe a jumper. Now this jumper has some fancy default. You see I accidently put this fine, merino wool jumper in the washing machine without a protective bag and it got caught on something and developed some big holes. I was devistated as it cost me quite a bit of money but after a little thought I got out the embroidery thread and Ta! Da! Some hearts and stars.

Now I am going to collect Little Miss A from daycare, I can't wait to see her.

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