Saturday, November 27, 2010

There's a storm-a-brewing

I was sitting at my computer Friday afternoon filling in a job application when I could hear a constant rumbling coming from outside. I stepped into our back garden to be greeted with this huge, silver lined storm cloud slowly drifting over our house. This photo really doesn't do this menacing, Armageddon like cloud justice.

So before the 'death cloud' reached our house I thought 'jump photo! Must do it now!' Thankfully it wasn't a death cloud and these aren't the last photos ever taken.

Oh and I got my hair cut and my fringe fixed after a stern talking to from my hairdresser. He is right I shouldn't cut my fringe on a wim and after 3 cups of coffee. And this is why my fringe is soooo short now.

Dress: Beyond Retro (London) Label: Texas shirt waist. I luuurve this dress but need to have my bottom rib removed like Cher, it is very snug and cannot be worn if I plan to eat that day.
Cardigan: temt

1 comment:

  1. hehe I quite liked your jaunty coffee fringe too :P but this shorter, straight one suits you very well :)

    Love your jump and outfit of course :D