Saturday, November 13, 2010

From hip to waist

This is the entrance to our 1950's bungalow, don't you just love the coloured glass in the door and surrounds. I used to hate it but on a summer morning when the sun shines it gives off a lovely light. (I'll have to show you our matching lavender bathroom suite at another time)

Top: Pop Boutique (my old place of employment in the early 90's)

Skirt: Genki

I used to wear my skirts around my hips but these days I prefer to wear them around my waist. So with great trepidation I attempted to take-in my favourite Genki skirt. It didn't turn out too bad!

Watering our cement garden

Top: Savers

Skirt: Genki

Genki used to be one of my favourite shops in Melbourne but last year they closed shop, and I along with a lot of other fans were very sad to see it go. But there was some good news recently that they have relaunched their online shop and are selling these lovely Susette skirts and their stripey tops (I own 5, Oh my!).

Take a look, along with these great classics they also have some cute pre-loved items and 'I love tees'.

Ooo Pink Panther is on telly so I should finish up, have a great evening xx


  1. That blouse is so sweet! Love it :) And great job with the skirt, I prefer them round my waist as well. I've got one that goes on my hips and I am forever having to pull it down.. ugh

  2. I loved the shirt when I saw it - I think someone has shortened the sleeves from a long sleeve top but they did a good job ^U^

  3. aww i just wanted to say Hi and what a cute blog you have i love your photo's and how you manage to jump in the air and capture it, is so much fun. Dee ;-)