Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tea towel dress

This dress reminds me of a tea towel, just the print, not the feel.

Surprisingly it is from Sportsgirl, now Sportsgirl has gone the way of TopShop in that it has a section that gets some bad 70's/80's dresses chops them up so they look even worse then sells them for a ridiculous amount of money to the young teenager who has no idea of vintage or has never been to a 'vintage shop/market/fair', or even entered an Op shop.

But you know, I take a peek in there occasionally just to see if by chance they have anything. During their recent sale I managed to pick up this heavily discounted dress.

Who would have thought I would be wearing almost head to toe Sportsgirl at my age? These shoes were also on sale a while ago.

So it proves to not be a snob about where you buy your clothes and find the best bargains you can find. And especially in these tunabake times.

Sans glasses

Dress: Sportsgirl 'vintage' he he he
Belt: Oasis
Shoes: Sportsgirl


  1. Such a lovely dress!
    Teatowel chic - love the pattern :D Another great find

  2. And if I need to dry a plate and I don't have a tea towel to hand I can always use my dress! ^U^